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The Deification Out Now

Judgment day has come! The new De Magia Veterum album, The Deification, is now officially released! For more information on the album, or to purchase CD or digital version, please go to the release page. All pre-orders have been shipped today. Armageddon is here!

De Magia Veterum New Album – The Deification & Launch of New Transcendental Creations Website

Pre-order De Magia Veterum New Album

Amateurs from all spectrums of extreme music will be left in panic after having witnessed Mories’ (Gnaw Their Tongues) latest crafting of evil sonic genius. Indeed, DE MAGIA VETERUM returns with its fourth full-length album, The Deification, unraveling a harrowing mesh of monumental disharmony. Rarely do musicians manage to combine such extreme polarities in music. Just when you think you’ve nailed a certain song structure, the next riff will drag you through unmitigated antimelodic musical chaos.

The Deification is the logical next step in Mories’ nightmarish journey through the pulpits of psychosis. Featuring seven tracks of chaos, disease and sonic corruption, The Deification is a mentally and physically demanding  behemoth of audio dread and arguably Mories’ most potent offering yet. Transcendental Creations is proud to announce the release of The Deification on October 22, 2012. The album is now available for pre-order.

The Deification Track Listing:

1. Eradication
2. Thorns
3. Passage
4. Evoked in Poison
5. Shall Not Take Form
6. Purity
7. The Deification

Furthermore, as you may have noticed, we have completely revamped our website, with many new features such as an enhanced shop and shopping cart, an mp3 store and many entire albums available for streaming. All these efforts were made to insure that navigation on our website is smoother and more user-friendly. Enjoy!