De Magia Veterum

De Magia Veterum


De Magia Veterum is the magickal creation of Mories (of the Gnaw Their Tongues fame) which was summoned in the year of 2003. Bearing but a few ressemblances with his other musical endeavors, De Magia Veterum represents Mories’ far more chaotic outlet, one that prefers to communicate the grand mysteries through an utmost violent and mesmerizing medium. Over the span of 6 years, the band has released 3 demos (Clavicula Solomonis, Spiked Through Eyes, The Apocalyptic Seven Headed Beast Arisen) and 1 EP.

In May 2009, Transcendental Creations released De Magia Veterum’s first full-length album Migdal Bavel, 37 minutes of uncompromising, raw, technical, esoteric Black Metal. 2011 marked the release of The Divine Antithesis, a sequel to the piece of lunacy that was Migdal Bavel, although this time with more intricate musical arrangements and patterns. This time again with the purpose of contorting your mind in unimaginable ways.

In October 2012, the bands’ fourth album, The Deification, was unleashed through Transcendental Creations, unraveling a harrowing mesh of monumental disharmony. Rarely do musicians manage to combine such extreme polarities in music. Just when you think you’ve nailed a certain song structure, the next riff will drag you through unmitigated antimelodic musical chaos.