Sort Vokter

Sort Vokter


In 1996, Ildjarn and Nidhogg teamed up with two individuals unknown to the Black Metal scene to record one of the most foul and insane, yet beautiful albums of that era and which is still regarded today as a mad piece of, yes, you guessed it, Folkfloric Necro Metal. Sort Vokter was a one-album project and will never reform, so enjoy what they left behind.


‘For sure a highlight in black metal history.’ – Archaic Magazine

‘The complexity is hidden, but it like the beauty of this music remains a fragment of an idea seen in the abstract.’ –

‘When this album spins to a stop its been one hell of a nightmarish ride through the abyssal mind that is Sort Vokter, Folkloric Necro Metal is quite certainly the only album this quartet of chaos will ever produce but still I am bloody glad they did it.’ – Heathen Harvest

‘The mood & atmoshpere of this disc can not be put into words, combining violence and tranquillity. This is not Black Metal, this is Black(/blue) Ambient!’ –

95 % – Metal Archives
80/100 –
8/10 – Chronicles of Chaos

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Sort Vokter - Folkloric Necro Metal

Folkloric Necro Metal